K.S. ANTHONY: If You Made It This Far…

09 June 2021

If You Made It This Far…

And you want to go further…

https://www.ksanthony.net/ Professional writing, screenplay excerpts, press. 

https://staging.aplus.com/t/k.s.+anthony What little remains of the 900+ articles I wrote for A Plus. 

https://ksanthony.medium.com/ various other essays, some variations on older work.

http://www.storyhouse.org/ksanthonylist.html embarrassingly young writing from my early-mid ‘20s.

https://www.slideshare.net/KSAnthony/arrowtothesunfinal-67442573 My senior English honors thesis paper on Harry Crosby 

https://quartermaster.substack.com/archive?utm_source=menu-dropdown The Quartermaster: a newsletter I worked on with members of the Special Forces Association 

https://www.linkedin.com/in/ksanthony/detail/recent-activity/posts/ Stuff I've written on LinkedIn, mostly dealing with leadership, management, etc. 

That’s just some of what’s online. 


I appeared in various 'zines through the '90s, none of which I'll mention here, except Rollerderby. I don't remember what issue(s) I was in, but the writing was pretty short anyway.

I have the last word - well, sort of - in Sarah Solomon's Guac is Extra But So am I

I co-wrote lyrics to four tracks on Sebastian Bach's 2014 album "Give 'Em Hell," which debuted at #3 on Billboard's Hard Rock Charts. 

Those tracks were:

• Hell Inside My Head
• Disengaged
• Gun to a Knife Fight
• Had Enough 

You can find them on Spotify, Amazon, Apple Music, etc. 

The rare stuff – including the various Editions d'Eclipse titles – is never for sale, generally out of print, and only given away by Wayne Bertola or myself. There are a few in university rare book collections. 

My earliest idea published in print - credited to a nickname, but I can confirm it’s mine as it contains easily identifiable details and I still have the author’s letter - showed up in a 1987 revenge manual when I was… young.