K.S. ANTHONY: Lines on the Winter Equinox Eclipse 2010

17 October 2013

Lines on the Winter Equinox Eclipse 2010

In the depth of winter skies
Where ancient bodies hover
Moon to Sun will seem to die
When Earth divides the lovers

And in the hour of its grief
The sun will cease its burning
And starve the bough, the branch, the leaf
And leave the cold dawn yearning.

In the depth of dying light
The moon will cry in sorrow
Thinking that the longest night
Finds no relief tomorrow

Sun will freeze the stars to dust
Above to chain the hours
Moon will seem to turn to rust
Below will die the flowers

And beneath their broken hearts
We question and we wonder
Where love ends and where love starts
And what tears it asunder

If there meet two hearts, two lips
Will Earth be their undoing?
Will they only be eclipsed:
A shadow's pause in wooing?

As Earth's shadow fades from night
Rekindling their desire
Sun takes Moon into its light
And Moon sets Sun on fire

In the dark of winter skies
That oft leave passion covered
Love has often seemed to die
But none divide the lovers