K.S. ANTHONY: Season

12 March 2011


Did his eyes shine or were they deep, dark, full of mystery and newness? Did he say all the right things? The things you thought when you were alone; when you were fully yourself? Make you laugh when you least expected to? Of course. Of course.

Rest assured that your eyes shone too. And that he went to bed at night thinking of you; that in the pink light of morning, he reached for his phone to see if he had missed a call from you. And when he saw that he hadn't, he missed you twice as much. Rest assured he missed you, misses you now; will miss you.

Did it end before it began? Find that it was anchored by the worst that world offers: time, distance, money, dissent, fear, anxiety, distrust, betrayal, confusion, pain, weakness, and the whisper of the word impossible? Did you watch him leave before you knew what it felt like to watch him walk into a room, charm a party, grin and nod, play a role, and look at you with a knowing smile because you were the only one there that mattered to him?

Rest assured that anchors don't sink ships. An anchor is a pause for breath. They can be pulled up. The wind will snap the canvas into tight billows. The sails will swell. Steer towards the sun. If you mattered then, you matter now. Some things do not end. If they are true, they stay true. You do not run across those shores often.

Love is perennial. It does not have a season.