K.S. ANTHONY: Fragment (bar napkin writing)

12 August 2011

Fragment (bar napkin writing)

The whisky tastes like raisins and bread pudding. The woman next to him--more girl than woman, really--watches from the corner of her eye, fascinated by the ritual with which he drinks.

He swirls the liquid around in the glass, idly, carelessly, thoughtlessly, and stares straight ahead.

She gets up and sits on the bar stool next to him, then turns toward him. He glances over, waiting for her to say something. She doesn't. They stare at each other for a moment. Her eyes are blue, her lips look dry.

Her phone rings and she touches the screen to silence it, not looking at it, not looking away from him. He looks down at his phone sitting on the bar. The screen is blank. He reaches for his drink. Her hand brushes his as she reaches for it, too.

He stops.

He turns away and leaves as she tries to kiss him, again staring straight ahead.